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April 5, 2010

The Sixth Sense

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First of all, before you go further reading this, I remind you this is just unconstructed thought of mine. Excuse my English, and excuse the scattered non ordering thought that I will lay it in front of your eyes after this opening.

I chose ‘The Sixth Sense’ title consciously. That might trigger a question, why sixth sense? And how can it related to geometry? Something pops up in my mind when we have discussion about music and architecture, and how, through some kind of research and measurement, in music, we can also find the perfection of Fibonacci numbers.

The Fibonacci numbers are Nature’s numbering system. They appear everywhere in Nature, from the leaf arrangement in plants, to the pattern of the florets of a flower, the bracts of a pinecone, or the scales of a pineapple. The Fibonacci numbers are therefore applicable to the growth of every living thing, including a single cell, a grain of wheat, a hive of bees, and even all of mankind.

Stan Grist

Through vision and hearing senses that man have, scientifically proven we can find a nature’s numbering system. Isn’t that odd? A composition we usually see, now we find it in sounds. But after a few moment of thinking (when I said a few moment, actually it take days) I see that possible, and that possibility might go further in so many aspect of our life.

Vision and hearing senses, I understand it as a tool, our personal nature tool to recognizese distance, to predict some measures. Well, that so easy to explain, through our vision we can easily tell a distance between one object to other object. How about the hearing? In a rainy thunder, you can know how further the thunder from where you stand, by counting the time different between the lightning and the sound of thunder strikes the earth.

By Vitruvius description, we know how sounds can be related to measure the distance. For example, how the catapult can work accurately by listen to the right tune of the string. But so far we just talk about two senses, what happen with the other three?.

I believe all of our senses works together as a system. All of our senses works mysteriously, mostly for our own pleasures. We can find the nature mapping of visions and sounds by studying it with numbers, I don’t know if anyone ever study this yet, but maybe we can also find that in taste, touch and smell senses too.

For someone with different ability, if they have disfunction on one of their senses, they trained the other senses to replaced it and give them a balance for doing their everyday life. As sounds work based on the waves principles, we can calculate distance by touch, and counting the period between one move to another. By that, we can learn to measure as well.

And, if the quote that I put above about nature’s numbering systems is right, I think we can find ‘nature perfections’ everywhere. Then, according to, once again, my unconstructed thought, all part of our body is familiar, sensitive, and responsive to certain way to measure, measure our world and measure how we interact within it. That’s why I think man should have more than five senses, and coincidently I found out that some, thinks man have one, two, or five more senses.

Some said our sixth sense is proprioception, the unconscious perception of movement and spatial orientation arising from stimuli within the body itself and some other said our sixth sense is kinesthetics, the ability to understand and interact with dimensional shapes such that we are able to navigate successfully through a room and as a sense of timing and coordination, fine-motor control and the manner in which both the whole body and its parts move, its deportment or dynamics.

So, when I start talking about sixth sense, from the very beginning I know it has nothing to do with supernatural things, but more to a question, when we learn about geometry and make our body responsive to it, perhaps we develop something in our own body, in our own brain. And I think it’s an interesting view to see the relation between man and geometry, between man and the world surrounding.


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  1. dalam seni (yang di dalamnya terdapat musik dan arsitektur sebagai bagian dari bidangnya) memang indera visual yang paling berperan ketika manusia menikmati dan mengalami karya seni, lalu yang menempati urutan kedua sebagai indera dalam penikmatan seni adalah pendengaran. dalam bidang yang berbeda, tentu kedua indera ini menempati urutan utama; dalam fine art visual adalah yang paling penting, dan dalam musik aural yang terutama. sementara ketiga indera lainnya tidak terlalu relevan untuk berperan dalam penikmatan dan pengalaman seni. itu sebabnya Hegel berpendapat bahwa penglihatan (visual sense) dan pendengaran (aural sense) adalah akar dari penikmatan seni.
    dalam arsitektur, visual lagi-lagi lebih sering mendominasi pengalaman kita terhadap karya arsitektural. aural memang melengkapi pengalaman terhadap ruang, namun ia seringkali sangat minimal perannya dibandingkan visual. namun tidak seperti pada fine art (seni lukis dan patung), dalam mengalami arsitektur indera peraba/tactile dan penciuman kadang masih – walaupun sangat-sangat kecil – punya peran.
    namun saya pikir, jika apa yang tertangkap oleh visual dalam arsitektur kemudian lebih sering dikaitkan dengan pengukuran dan angka-angka (salah satunya dengan proporsi, golden section, phi, dan deret fibonacci), itu karena apa yang tertangkap oleh mata lebih dapat diukur secara kuantitatif, demikian pula suara, secara struktur (terutama dalam musik) ia dapat dirasionalisasi melalui pengukuran (panjang gelombang, tempo, ritme), namun dalam arsitektur pemahaman terhadap aspek aural ini lebih sering bersifat kualitatif. begitu juga indera lainnya, mungkin perannya tidak dalam kapasitas kuantitatif, tetapi lebih ke pengalaman secara kualitatif dalam ruang. segala yang bersifat kualitatif ini kemudian berbasis pada pikiran (mind), sehingga kalau saya pikir mungkin bukan indera keenam, tetapi mind yang berperan di sini, yang lalu menjustifikasi informasi/stimuli yang ditangkap oleh berbagai indera untuk kemudian dipahami sehingga tubuh seluruhnya dapat menjadi responsif terhadap ruang.

    Comment by notjusthenny — April 9, 2010 @ 23:42

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